SOJOURNER: A Temporary Resident

Sojourner, a temporary resident. When I first thought about this for a title of a blog and read the definition I thought, “yeah, I am not really meant to place my roots anywhere.” But as I continue to process through this,  I find it funny to think about the two words being together. Temporary, not permanent, moving, changing, not for sure….these are all things that I am comfortable with most days. I grew up moving, changing, I like it because I am safe there. I don’t have to make true connections, no one really knows me, and if I need to start over I can. Then there is resident, reside, to stay, the opposite of temporary….for me this is scary, I am forced to go deep with people, let them in. So that is what this blog is about. A few friends and I learning what it means to be here and not here all at the same time.


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2 Responses to SOJOURNER: A Temporary Resident

  1. Mom says:

    When I first saw this blog, I didn’t know it was about you. I know that God will reward you for your great honesty and compassionate friendship. I will be in OKC soon. I hope to come see you while I am in the USA. I am interested in helping you raise some funds for Africa. I am hoping that I will have a chance to come visit you there, when you are there. Talk with you soon, Mom

    • satchsion says:

      Mom, thanks. I hope to see you while you are here too. You are always welcome to come and stay with us. Love you.

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