Africa Journey

So I figured we must start the blog of right with a journey that my two older sons and I are going to take to East Africa. Part of my struggle with staying places is I know that God has called us to reach the nations for His name and glory. This truth took root in me at a very early age. I distinctly remember wanting to go live with people of a different culture to share God’s love with them. I am thankful for growing up in a denomination that was built with this at the heart (even if they didn’t always live it). When the mister and I started to date and then talk about marriage the plan was to move overseas and serve people. Life always takes us for different turns and here we are 12 years later still in the same city. It has taken me time to get used to the idea of staying here, but never the less I tend to be stubborn about things.

( This picture has me thinking the teenage years might be a little rough. He is too cute for his own good)


So here I am in a city…BUT because the passion for other nations has never left I choose to venture out when the opportunity comes by. I also want to instill this into my boys as well. This summer we get the opportunity to go half way around the world to help the people who are giving their lives to serve. I have to be honest though. I am a little nervous about the whole thing. The going? Not really. The raising support and getting there? Yes! I have never done a trip like this on my own, much less making sure that my boys are going to be safe. Really though, when it comes down to it, I am most concerned about getting funds.

(This boy just turned 10! I am amazed that he keeps growing and getting old. Not fair!)
Why does it scare me? Well, I have to say I have always found security in finances. It seems to be the one thing I knew I could control and had some type of dependence on myself. Slowly God has been changing me, and this trip is another level of trust. I am afraid people will not see the value of the trip or think we are just going on a vacation. Neither is the case. This is a purposeful trip to add worldview to our family and to serve…whoever and whenever. It was because of that very reason that I chose not to do a safari. We aren’t there very long and I don’t want to waste a moment on us that could be for the Kingdom.

So all that to say you will get to join me this journey and hear all the ways that God is going to show up. He is changing me and challenging me to trust Him in deeper ways.

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