I love Easter, but I really stink at doing all the traditional things. For instance there were no Easter baskets for my kids. I don’t know why, but I can’t seem to do it. Hopefully they will not realize how lame their mom is, but I refuse to get into the commercialized holiday frenzy. Now I am not completely lame. We dyed eggs with friends this week, but do we even do it every year…ummm, not really. I know, I’m horrible. What our family tends to focus on is JESUS. That is right. I want them to see that first before the candy or bunnies. I am not saying that doing those things is wrong. Heaven knows I wish I had the capabilities to get it together and have an Easter basket for the kids, but I give myself grace and know the real importance is not the Easter baskets, but rather the person of Jesus. So here are my boys this Easter. Yes, we get dressed up and go to church and enjoy the company of fellow believers who are celebrating with us the risen Lord. I just don’t give them candy with it.

PS  This is the best picture of them I got today. I was hoping for a family pic, but it didn’t happen. Oh well (sigh)

PSS We did do an Easter egg hunt with some friends, but that was the extent of the eggs.

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