So I wanted to blog yesterday, but I refuse to blog unless there is a picture. I am an avid blog reader stalker and I don’t prefer reading blogs without pictures. I was going to come to work early and publish a post already written, but no Internet.


So I’m writing a post on my phone. Gotta love my phone. Plans had to change. I don’t know about you, but adjusting to changes are not easy. Today I have to figure out how to teach not using my technology and my program that requires it. Changes are hard. They can be inconvenient BUT they can take us out of our comfort zone to a place where we need God desperately. Too often I get very comfortable in this place (whatever it is) and begin to think “I got this”. Then BOOM change! What I don’t have this? God slowly reminds me He has it and I have nothing. Surrender must come when change happens.
So today I’m going to adjust and be thankful that we get out early.

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