Wednesday Coffee

Perhaps if I begin to develop some type of routine with blogging I might be better about my consistency. One of the blogs I read usually has a Tuesday Coffee session. She calls hers Virtual Coffee. I like it. So I thought I would give it a go. So how it works is I get to play pretend and think of you and I in a coffee shop talking except really it is just me rambling about my life.


My coffee is usually in a travel mug because I work and need something that won’t spill. I am an elementary school teacher and most of the time I enjoy it. This is the time of year where it is difficult to enjoy. Test season. Now I am not for or against testing. It is what it is. What happens though is I begin to stress out. I really want my kids to do well. I am not even looking for them to pass, but for them to improve. They make it difficult though. I work with difficult students. The ones that are having a hard time succeeding. They usually come with a lot of baggage and behavior. So right now I am telling myself to survive. Continue to teach with all myself, but literally just make it through the day. I really hate that, but sometimes you just have to get through it.

I also learned that I will be moving schools involuntarily. I have worked at my school for 9 years. It is the only school I know, but even with that I feel pretty ambivalent about it. Change is good is some ways and scary in others. It does mean I get to start simplifying my classroom. (interpretation: getting rid of a bunch of things) In all honesty I would be glad to just stop working, but God has not provided away yet. I am learning to trust God in all things right now. I know He hears me and knows my desires. I have to keep believing that it is for the best.


My husband is finishing up a series of 4 written tests for his PHD. Can we say that life has been a little intense lately. He has one more this week and I can not be more happy with it being over. We are one step closer to this degree being done. Then what? I have no idea. One step at a time is the motto. I know that whatever it is, it will be a new journey.

Then there is the whole car situation. God has been so good to provide. I had a wee bit of an accident about a week ago and our one and only car is in the shop. I am so thankful for friends who have pulled through and graciously allowed us to borrow their cars. Yes, plural. We have gone through 2 so far. I am really hoping things will be fixed faster than they say. (May 10th)

So, we are in the midst of life…trying to keep our heads above the water. My challenge to myself is to not be negative, but focus on the good. I need to focus on the blessings because I am blessed beyond belief. I have a job. We own a vehicle. My husband is gaining a degree and career. It is all good. Life is good even when it seems hard. Too often I look and see what is not there when God is drawing me towards the beauty in being here.


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