Wednesday Coffee

If we were having coffee today here are some things I would share with you. (just as a side note, I have joined with a few others to do what is called everyday May. This means we make a concerted effort to write a blog post each and every day this month. Here goes nothing)

I have never considered myself a writer…I feel like I am more of a talker. I love getting together with people and having a great conversation. I used to not care about what we talked about and was quite good at avoiding those things I did not want to share. I am no longer that way anymore. I have become the type that says “cut the crap and let’s talk about how you are REALLY doing”. I have been really great at hiding myself over the year. I was just telling my husband how I won the “White Picket Fence” award in my school choir. I was reflecting about what my fellow students thought about it. I was too unreal for them. It seems as if my life would be perfect. HA! Utter, complete nonsense! I am not perfect nor ever intend to be. I have found so much freedom in just being myself. That being said, I have recently told the Mr. that I am mad at myself for getting rid of some of my Oklahoma vocab. I heard myself say “soda”. What?! NO, it is “pop”. I no longer say y’all or fixin’. Now you may think that is a silly thing, but for me it is a symbol of how I changed myself to fit in this California world. So if you hear a little more accent from me or find a few words interesting just know the real me is coming back. God has made me to be me, and I need to practice living it out more.

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