Going Global and Your Mom

First of all, the title makes me laugh……Oh, OBU so many memories. Now on to the important stuff.

From a very early age I have had a heart for the nations. Just ask my parents. I remember being a first grader in Pampa, Texas participating in a program at our church called G.A.’s (Girls in Action). It was there that I knew I was going to be a missionary. I began to learn as much as I could about people of different cultures. I studied Spanish in highschool for the purpose of being able to go global. In college I wanted to learn two, but soon figured out that tackling one language was going to be enough. (BA in Spanish) I met a wonderful man who had the same heart to reach the world. We traveled during college, him to Africa, me to Vietnam with the purpose of loving on people so we could show them how God’s loves them. I continued to strategically choose things to study so I have minors in TESOL (teaching English as a Second Language) and ministry. (I was going to do business, but quickly learned that my brain was not wired that way)

I had every intention of being anywhere BUT the United States. For whatever reason though we are still here. It has been a journey. The passion and desire for the nations has not been lost, but it has at times taken a back burner to life. I have to be honest, though, it has been hard to stay put. We recently had a sermon series at church about moving and I needed to hear staying. I am ready to go, yesterday. Again, I don’t know why it hasn’t happen, but it doesn’t mean it won’t. So I do what I can to be globally minded here. What does that mean you ask. It means I intentionally look for opportunities to share God’s love. I live simply so that when the time may come, I have not accumulated too much stuff. I look for ways to give to those who are serving to going which leads me to this.

I read a blog by Ann Voskamp. She is amazing. I long to be the type of mom/wife she is. She works out of her brokenness knowing that God works best there. So she has a little project going on that I think is great. 

1000 Moms Project

Here is a link that talks about it more.

Now the point is to share about your mom and they will give a gift. My mom is currently living overseas teaching English to pilots. She is crazy enough to go to a place that is not the most beautiful to work and serve the people there. She has encouraged me to go and do the same. So thankful for that. Most moms want their kids to stay close by, but somehow she knew that she had to let me go and do my thing. Thank you mom for letting go and letting me experience what it means to live adventurously for God.

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