A Need for Mamas

I was greeted this morning with a wonderful breakfast from my boys and a morning cuddle in the bed that turned into going under the covers and fighting for a spot beside mom. It was wonderful and beautiful, but my mother’s heart turns to those who have lost theirs. I have a friend from college who I watched go through a long, tough process to bring home their baby girl from Uganda. Here is the news story.
Mulvane Mother
While Melissa was there she saw a need and began to start Mercy for Mamas. It is a beautiful ministry that serves to help mamas all through out Uganda. As we give things to our moms today perhaps our moms would rather see our hearts break for others around the world. I know if my boys did this for me I would be overjoyed. My prayer for them is that they would care for others more than themselves and gain a heart for the world that has not heard or even seen the love of God.


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