Monday Madness and Africa Update

First let my share my official Mother’s Day picture.

These boys continue to help me become a better person. The challenge me as well as drive me crazy. They love me even when I am hard to love and are helping me show love as well. Pretty crazy to be a mom of 4 boys. I still sit and think wow!

Now on to Monday Madness. Today we celebrated #3’s birthday. Tomorrow he turns 4! I can’t believe it. It seems like yesterday he was crawling over everything he could to get to what he wanted. We had planned to do something on this coming up Saturday, but some of our good friends were not going to be here so we changed plans. The Mr. and I laughed when we asked him what he wanted to do for his birthday and he said bowling, but it was a great idea.

We had an age span of 1-10 (10 kids total all but 1 being boys). Every single one loved it. We of course had the bumpers and some help to get the ball down, but it was a blast.

After bowling we went for DQ because there are no Braums in California. It was perfect and last minute and wonderful. He had a great time.

Now for the Africa Update….I BOUGHT TICKETS. It is official we are going. I was trying to get it this month because of prices. It was about $5000!!!!! I am still in shock. It made it a nerve wrecking decision too. I was trying to coordinate with all parties and became a mess. Anyway, it is done. Now to make sure that I have all the costs covered. Time to mail some letters.

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