Summer/Africa Update

This summer is flying by. I can hardly believe it. We have tried to make the most of it by going to the pool.

We have ridden our bikes now that all of us can go. The Mr. and I got a night away with each other. So needed and wonderful.We went to Las Brisas, a family tradition, and had a wonderful brunch and day at the beach.The boys have gotten back into the Wii, but it is so fun to watch a 2-year-old beat all the level they can’t. All this has meant I have neglected the blog. I hope to make it more of a discipline. I find myself writing many posts, but usually while I am running and then I get home…boys, activities, housework, and all the rest get taken care of first. Right now I am preparing for our trip to East Africa. We, #1 and I, leave on Thursday. It has been a journey. I have been so blessed by the gifts of generous friends. I am happy to say that all the money we need has been given. This week we were emptying our globe bank to count it up. I was pulling the bills out and found $100 bill. I was shocked. I have no idea who put it in there or when. We have had several people/groups over and it could have been anyone, but that is not really the point. I was blessed and amazed.
So the money has come through, but prayers are needed. I have had some exciting moments along the way. A week ago I called about our tickets. I found out that I had none! I was able to get some new ones fairly quickly and for $50 cheaper. It was a crazy day. It just reminds me that I need to continuously be in prayer over this trip. I hope to keep you updates as long as I have access to internet. For those who pray here are some prayer points.

  1. Travel will go smoothly. All flights will be met and nothing will go wrong.
  2. Our time there would be blessed.
  3. The family that is staying home would be healthy and home life would be peaceful. Thanks for love and support.


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