Where I’m At

Tomorrow I take off for Africa and I feel very emotional about it all.

I am really sad about leaving these boys. Like if I think about it I cry, a lot…

I had a horrible dream last night. The kind you shouldn’t have before you fly thousands of miles away from your babies. It has me praying desperately for their protection.

I am excited to take a new adventure with this boy.

I am praying that God begins to work in his heart and open him up to all that he could be and do. Praying his heart grows. I am also praying that our relationship can be made stronger.

I am going to miss this man more than I can even know right now. He helps makes me sane when I find myself lost in my head. He encourages me to believe in myself when I can’t and even more so he believes in me. I am praying that God will bless him.

I am a mess today and I am ok with that. That makes me who I am….

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2 Responses to Where I’m At

  1. Karen Erickson says:

    I prayed for all of you last night and will continue as the spirit leads. I plan to check in on Adam at least a couple times and he can call me if he needs ANYTHING. I understand your concerns momma they are normal but I assure you, no matter what God’s got your back.

    See you soon!

  2. snipper221 says:

    Shanalea, you have been on my mind so much lately. I am praying for an amazing trip for you and #1 where you can see the Hand of God everywhere you go! This will surely be a life-changing trip for you both. You also have a good man at home taking excellent care of your boys. I will be praying daily for all of you until your return. God bless you all!
    Hugs, Sue

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