East Africa

This is day….5 I think. We made it safe and sound. Once we arrived here in our local country we had about a 5 or so hour drive to our home for the next two weeks. On Sunday we rested. Everyone was tired from travel and activities. It was good. The family we are staying with had just received their crate from America (they sent it off back in February when they left)

#1 has enjoyed playing airsoft with their sons. They mainly have been killing lizards out in the yard. He has done so well. I worked it well and he has had very little jet lag.

I, on the other hand, have been doing a multitude of jobs. My main focus has been to help unload the many boxes that have come from America, organize in any way I can, and help with meals. It has been fun to serve and hopefully make life a little easier while I am here. Today I also helped paint a kitchen. I know…can’t get away from crazy projects even when I am in another continent.

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2 Responses to East Africa

  1. Karen Erickson says:

    Thanks for the update! Love and hugs to EVERYONE!

  2. roxannagrimes10 says:

    Good to hear the update! Hugs ALL around and keep the updates coming! Love ya!

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