Breaking the Blog Silence

It is amazing to me how fast time has gone since this July. The moment I got home from Africa my brain switched into high gear. I began to think about my new job (teaching 2nd grade), getting my kids ready for the new school year (ordering curriculum), getting #3 and #4 ready for pre-school, and regular everyday stuff like laundry, cleaning, and household chores. This [school] year has been pretty tough. I have never worked harder or longer since I started teaching. Also, 2nd graders are different from 4th, 5th, and 6th graders. I have yet to recover my voice because I have been talking WAY too much. Needless God is teaching me still through my stubborn and frustrated heart. I had gone to the grocery store on my way home from school. As I looked out I felt God share a truth with me.

There were these wonderful, scary, overwhelming dark clouds (life circumstances). Then there was the sun (SON) behind the clouds. The sun never stopped shining. It was there the whole time. So I need to remember when I only see the clouds of my circumstances that Jesus is right there still. He is just a little harder to see.

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