Passion 2013

I don’t even know if I can put into words how amazing Passion 2013 was for me. Let me begin with the story of how I even got there. Back in January of 2011, I learned that Passion 2012 was going to be offered online and my hungry soul watched. I was working that week it was happening so it made trying to watch the sessions rather tricky. Thankfully they left them up for one day so I could watch them all (usually at night after the kids went to bed) and I did. Watching the sessions, I was brought back to my college days when I went to Passion (97,98,and 99). I remember most of it (which is really amazing because there has been a lot of life since then). domeIt was then and there that I decided to be a door holder for Passion 2013.

A door holder is a synonym for “volunteer.” The term is borrowed from Psalm 84:10, which speaks of being a door keeper in the house of God. Door Holders at Passion conferences are individuals who have experienced God’s glory but want to hold the doors to allow others to come in. This is the heartbeat we want our volunteers to assume – one of service and preparing the way for others to have a powerful experience with Jesus. (taken from the Passion website)

I had no idea how I could get there and how the details would work out, but I was going.  So in June-ish I filled out my application and prayed the details would work out. In October, I received my assignment to be in the students’ prayer rooms.doorholderThat began my figuring it out….I was able to get my ticket paid for (thanks Dad!) I found one place to stay that was free, but learned that it was 45 minutes away. So I began to see if there a roommate needed. In walks a friend of a friend. My hotel was taken care of and of top of that it was as close as I could be to the venue.(thanks Alicia D.!) I have never felt more loved by my Father.aliciaandikneelroom I spent my time in the prayer room (you see that green shirt? that’s me) watching students go through the cards and wrestle whatever was going on in their hearts. It was so quiet, so peaceful, so not my life at home. I was able to spend 2-6 hours praying for the students, for Passion, for family, for life, for whatever came to my heart.intheroomkneelroom2 Then I was able to attend some of the sessions that were quite amazing to say the least. I was able to listen to Louie Giglio, Beth Moore, Judah Smith, and Francis Chan. There were others, but I was in the kneel room working. The worship! was. incredible. That is what I remember most from before, but with 60,000 people it was insane. I am pretty sure that we had a doorway to heaven open every single time. dome3 Then they had the End It campaign. You can read more about it here and it will require a whole different post, but the big reveal was quite spectacular. (you see that light there on the left? Yeah, that was right outside where I was standing)shinethelight

I loved this trip. I found myself more at peace and able to focus on what matters in life. I have taken some steps to slow my life down again and find the rhythm that my hearts likes and finds to most rest in. It doesn’t mean I sit at home doing nothing. NO! I have four boys people! What is means is that I have a manageable schedule that allows room for me to have peace and rest which is what this working mom needs.

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