Sometimes, I just don’t want to face life. I get a picture of what it SHOULD be in my head and when it is not there, I want to quit.

Sometimes, I have be real and say that is the ideal crazy lady and you don’t live in a perfect world.

Sometimes that means I have to let the laundry pile up, leave dishes in the sink, let the dust continue to sit, and take a breather (play a game on my phone).

Sometimes when I do that I tell myself that I am being lazy and there are no excuses for sitting and if I truly was the super mom I could get it together and keep it together.

Sometimes when I tell myself that, I feel like crying.

Sometimes, I do cry because I want life to be so very different that what it is now.

Sometimes I get frustrated because I really do have it good, and I have no reason to be sad or mad about life.

Sometimes, I actually give God the thanks that He deserves and I walk in His Spirit.

Sometimes, I don’t.


All the time I have to remind myself of GRACE. Grace that says it is ok to mess up, it is ok to be a mess, it is ok to not have it together, it is ok to not be perfect, it is ok to forget to call that person back, it is ok to have to ask for a redo with my kids.

GRACE…I would be lost with out it.


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