Back Story Part 2

So high school was ending and I was preparing for my next stage in life. Remember that I had a very significant purpose and knew what I was going to do. The plan was to attend Oklahoma Baptist University, get a degree in multilingual communications and a minor in business and ministry. After college I was going to go somewhere (not in the USA) for 2 years and then come home to attend Golden Gate Seminary in San Francisco so that I could then return full time to serve people in another country (become a missionary).

OBU was going back to where I had started. My dad was attending there when I was born, and I was two when he graduated. It must have left a deep impression on me because I never had any desire to attend any where else. I was a bison through and through.bison

I jumped into the college life full force. I loved everything about it (except that I had to work…that seemed lame, but very much a reality) I was highly involved and met lots of people. Even as fun as it was I quickly learned that one language was going to be challenging enough so I switched to just a Spanish degree and after taking my first business class and getting halfway through I decided that business was not my cup of tea. I changed that minor to TESOL (Teaching English as a Second Other Language). The ministry(missions) minor never wavered even though there were some classes I thought were pointless. (like how to run a Sunday School)

boys and bison

Those years at OBU shaped me and molded me. I grew in new ways and began to learn how to follow Christ in a deeper way. I also was privileged to travel to Vietnam twice and to China once during that time frame. They gave me a deeper knowledge of why missions is central to the heart of God.

The plan still remained though. That is until a certain someone came into my life….The MR. Adam and I started dating at the end of our sophomore year. He had a heart for the orphans and for those in other countries. It was perfect! It changed my plan, but we had come up with a new plan.

By the end of our junior year we knew that this was going to be a relationship that lasted. We were engaged October 29th, 1999. Our plan for after graduation was to go to Fuller Theological Seminary and Adam was going to get his M.Div. Then we would head overseas to wherever God wanted us to be full time missionaries. (to be continued)

Two love birds ready to head out on a new adventure.

Two love birds ready to head out on a new adventure.

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  1. Hurry, I want to

  2. Enjoying your story. I recall about this time period we were blessed to walk with you in Vietnam.

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