My Story Part 5

So again, let me remind you that we are working with the context of my heart and passion to love on people who need to know about Jesus and have no other way to hear about him unless we go to them. I can see, now, that Adam and I needed to go through that big ordeal to be who we are today and who we are becoming so my thoughts were “Ok, God, we are now aware of these issues and can better serve. When is this going to happen?” But really it was more like “this is never going to happen”.



Life is funny because it keeps moving on whether you want it to or not. I was still teaching, Adam is at this point working part time at Sandals leading a ministry that is changing lives, and our boys were still growing.

Ready for the pool

Ready for the pool

#1 and I took a trip to Africa in 2012 (which I never thought I would ever go to Africa) to visit some friends who live there. It was a great trip. I began to think/dream about what it would look like if we did this. It was so natural for me. Don’t get me wrong, I know there would be trial and tribulations, but being there felt very right. Also, this family also has 4 boys so it gave me the picture of us a few years down the road. But more importantly, I imagined our two families working side by side. It was still a dream though.

Painting a kitchen in East Africa...So much fun.

Painting a kitchen in East Africa…So much fun.

This last fall this family invited us to come do life with them in Africa. I sat amazed. They wanted our family to come and start a similar ministry that Adam does for Sandals for those who have the same problem in their city, addiction.

Sandals 5K for our FIT 2.0 series

Sandals 5K for our FIT 2.0 series

We began to toss the idea around in our head, but honestly felt that the decision was a no. BUT this led to us starting the conversation of what ARE we doing and where were we headed. Adam and I value community greatly and knew we would talk and talk and never really get a clear picture. I desperately wanted God to speak. So we had a dinner party (Adam’s birthday just happened to be around that same time) and invited those who are our mentors or friends we have known quite awhile to come for an evening of food and prayer. Amazingly we had 4 couples over early November. It was such a memorable night and I was completely surprised at what happened…. (to be continued) (you knew the cliff hanger was coming) 😉

We were able to get to Candlestick and see the NIners play. A fun family memory.

We were able to get to Candlestick and see the NIners play. A fun family memory.




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