My Story Part 6

I think I am going to drop the part in the title, but would that make it too confusing?

Are you ready? So that night we sat around together and talked about what had been asked of us. We talked about the barriers and we talked about our hearts. We processed all this together, but the most important part was praying. We spent some time asking the Lord what he thought. Some really great things came out. For instance, it was made fully known that God had given me a heart and passion for missions. There was no getting around that. It was also clear that Adam was going to be the one to pull the trigger on where we were going to head. I was extremely blessed by these people that night. I walked away thinking, “we have some amazing friends and people in our lives.”


By the end of the night, Adam felt that we needed to pursue East Africa. Honestly, I was shocked, stunned. Is this for real? We skyped with our friends and began to figure out how to do this. We quickly learned that raising support was not going to be a good option for us. It was just too much and we wouldn’t be supported very well. We were encouraged to look into going with our denomination’s mission organization. Interestingly enough, our denomination mission organization was going to be in town that weekend. We made an appointment to meet with them to see what our next steps might be. We knew there were several real factors in preventing us from going. First, our oldest son was 11 almost 12. There is an age limit for taking kids onto the field and 13 is it. In order to make this happen we would need to be quick about the process. Second, our school debt is pretty high. PHDs are not cheap!

wedding with sawyer

We were both trusting God through this process. We were told to pursue not figure it all out. Around this time, we are also learning about another job opportunity for Adam. Really!? For two weeks we wrestled, got excited, talked ourselves down, and were just in unbelief.

So finally, we meet with two sweet ladies from our mission organization. I was anxious and excited. I wanted a clear yes or no from them by the end of our time together. (to be continued)

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