Oh how I hate that word. It has been haunting me for weeks. I am in the middle of making some tough decisions about kids, schools, positions. It has been crazy. BUT every time I end up praying about all of it, I hear the word WAIT.


This, my friends, is not my forte. I am a do-er, a person of action, see a need, fill a need kind of gal. I am the person you want on your team because I will git-er done. More times than I would like to count, this has gotten me in trouble. I tend to jump the gun and end up paying for it. Sometimes we do need to just wait, sit, listen.

Psalms 27 is perhaps one of my favorite chapters in the Bible. The very last verse says “Wait patiently for the Lord, Be strong and courageous. Yes, wait patiently for the Lord.”

(Hmmmm, does it require strength and courage to wait?)

And there there is Psalm 62:5 which I have hopefully committed to memory “Let all that I am wait quietly before God, for my hope is in him” (not quite, almost got it)

(Our hope is not in the circumstances we face, but rather God.)

Then I begin to think about all the people who had to wait on the Lord, Abraham (100 years old and just having a baby) or Job (who lost everything and then was restored) or Jonah (3 long days in the belly of a fish) or Anna (she waited at the temple for many years until she saw the Messiah)

God doesn’t work on our time. He wouldn’t be a good Father if he did. We don’t give our children what they want when they want it.

SO I wait. The answers will come eventually….

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